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Live map: map.wunderwelt.one

Server health: monitoring.wunderwelt.one

Our Discord invite link

Official Minetest website

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Connection details

Name in server list: WunderWelt [WuWe]

Address: wunderwelt.one

Port: 30000


What is WunderWelt?

WunderWelt is our Minetest server.
We are a small community of mostly German speaking players. But we have regular players from all over the world.
The chat is mostly a mixture of English and German.

What is Minetest?

Minetest is a free and open source game, very similar to Minecraft.
You can get Minetest here for free.

Minetest runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD and Android. These platforms are officially supported, but hence the source code is open, you can make it run on almost any platform out there.

About WunderWelt

The server is customized with round about 340 mods. Some of them were created by the admin and are only available on WunderWelt, which in some way makes the server unique.
We have much much more building blocks than the default game. You can use a circular saw, a CNC or a shaper to create different kinds of special blocks with unusual shapes.
For technic enthusiats we have the whole Technic modpack availabe as well as Mesecons and Pipeworks.
We have cars, ships, submarines, demoiselles and flying clouds.
You must protect yourself against the monsters by crafting and using armor.

Here is a list of some noteworthy mods:
mesecons, technic, digilines, pipeworks, hopper, gravelsieve, terumet, towercrane, homedecor, smartshop, travelnet, replacer, ezmod_glider, led_marquee, laptop, signs_bot, torch_bomb, wielded_light, unified_inventory, 3d_armor, skinsdb, awards, hunger_ng, nether, ethereal, caverealms, gems, emeralds, mobs, luscious, areas, worldedit.

The server is using a mixture of the best textures from different texture packs.

Furthermore we have a live map website, kind of like Google-Maps for our own server. You can check the map out here.

We have a Discord server as well

We have a Discord server as well. Click here to get an invitation.
On the Discord server I, the admin, post information about updates, patches and current problems.
Our Discord has a bridge to the Mintest in-game chat. So you can talk to the players via Discord and see what they talk about.