Minetest Server: WunderWelt

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External links

Live map: map.wunderwelt.one

Our Discord invite link

Official Minetest website

Real time server status

Players online: ?? / ??

Server load: ?? %

Server lag: ?? seconds

Connection details

Name in server list: WunderWelt [WuWe]

Address: wunderwelt.one

Port: 30000


Things that are prohibited on this server:
  • spamming
  • begging
  • harassing
  • pornographic nicknames
  • very rude behaviour
  • grooming
  • griefing
  • cheating
  • using modified clients
  • using exploits
  • glitching inside protected areas
  • spawn killing
  • camping
  • trapping players
  • prevent players from getting their bones

Asking for privileges or roles is prohibited as well.
Only exceptions are the privileges areas_high_limit and ezmod_lava.

This is a PvP Server. Getting killed is not a valid reason to vote-kick someone.

If you go against the rules, you will get BANNED!

Last modified: June 1, 2022